Friday, January 6, 2017

WAKING UP by Ted Dekker | Finding Yourself Through Christ


Most essays aren't page-turners. Most essays don't hold my attention for very long. This essay was different. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, reading it all in one sitting.

Ted Dekker's Waking Up is a personal story of his childhood at a boarding school in Indonesia, his journey to being published, and his search for acceptance in this life. Using direct yet imaginative allegories, Ted paints an image of how our relationship with God should be.

The first half of this book was probably my favourite. Ted's intense, addictive writing drew me in from the first page, and though it was still incredibly written the whole way through, I did lose a little bit of interest. Maybe it was because I was being told less of how to do something, and more of what to do? I'm not entirely sure.

Still, Waking Up was an amazing read. Though it did not dive into God-Christian relationships as I would've liked, there were some very well-thought points. One of the those that stuck with me the most was the reminder that God loves us in the way that He asks us to love others: Unconditionally, mercifully, trustingly.

Waking Up is a short and enlightening little read that I highly recommend. ☺

You may want to know: There is the brief mention of cannibals.

Click here to read my Goodreads review.

❤, the Book Dragon

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