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Q: I'm an author/publisher. May I reference your reviews to promote my book?

A: Of course! You can check out this page (on my old blog) to learn more.

Q: How do you write your reviews?

A: I attempt to review books in a fashion similar to author/blogger Hayden Wand's. You can read her post on review etiquette here.

Q: What story elements do you typically cover?

A: In all my reviews, I strive to cover the story's plot, characters, and writing style, as suggested by author/blogger Ivy Rose (see her post on book reviews at this link). If feasible, I cover the setting/worldbuilding, as well.

Q: Why do you write book reviews?

A: When I was younger, it seemed quite the project to find clean, Christian-friendly books. For at least a year (but likely more), I read and re-read the same thirteen books.

Q: What do you think makes a book clean?

A: No implications/sexual content, swearing, extreme violence, or dark magical content (such as wicca). Please note that I do make a point to mention everything that might be considered questionable for some readers -- from kissing to drinking to warfare -- at the end of each review.*

*I would like to mention that just because something is in a book, I do not necessarily agree with it. For example, a character might commit murder, though murder is obviously (at least I hope obviously!) wrong.

Q: What do your ratings (number of stars) mean?

A: Here's a guide that will hopefully help you out a little bit ☺ :

★☆☆☆☆ -- I really didn't like it/I couldn't finish it.

★★☆☆☆ -- I didn't like it, but it had its okay parts.

★★★☆☆ -- It was okay/I kinda liked it.

 -- I really liked it.

 -- I loved it/it was so amazing!!

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