Thursday, January 26, 2017

LORD OF THE FLIES by William Golding | A Brutal Allegory of the Evils of Mankind


What might happen if a group of children were trapped on an island? What if they grew restless? What if they lost all sense of order and morality? William Golding answers those questions in his novel Lord of the Flies.

To be completely blunt, I expected to dislike this book much more than I did. And it wasn't so much the way Golding told the story I disliked, as the story he chose to tell.

Golding's writing was actually rather enjoyable, and I might've rated Lord of the Flies three or four stars... if it hadn't been for the content. Without giving away any spoilers, I would like to mention that this book is very disturbing. It's gory. It's strange. And it's something I probably wouldn't have read, had my English teacher not assigned it to the class.

But, I can see some ways in which this might be considered a classic. Golding's writing is descriptive and detailed, and though at times I skipped whole paragraphs due to such, Lord of the Flies is an extremely well-thought book. However, due to the negatives mentioned above, I would not recommend this.

You may want to know: There are several instances of swearing and taking God's name in vain. There is also quite a bit of violence and gore.

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