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SKY'S BRIDAL TRAIN by Margo Hansen | An Adventurous Victorian Romance

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What intrigued me about this book was the series title, so when I won it in a giveaway, it was the perfect chance to read it!

Sky's Bridal Train tells the story of Sky -- a young woman whose mother has died, leaving her to the reluctant care of her stepfather, an English baron. But when tragedy strikes the family yet again, and a series of last words cause remnants of the past to come rippling back to the surface, Sky finds she must journey to the US. Armed with trunks full of dresses and a bit of spare change loaned to her by her uncle, she arrives in New York with little hope... other than that she has a twin sister, and she must find her.

Although it did contain a few stray clichés, I enjoyed Sky's Bridal Train!

While a majority of the female characters were portrayed damsels in distress, Margo Hansen's characters were still rather sweet. It took me more than one encounter with the main love interest before I began to appreciate him, but I disliked the villain as soon as we met.

As to the writing style, I'm not entirely sure how to describe it. It was neither particularly good or particularly bad, and while it was more than "just okay," it was just... there.

As to the plot, I was shocked when I read that certain plot twist, at the end! It was a very clever move!

I feel like the setting could've been expanded upon more, with perhaps a little more description of the areas the wagon train passed through, as well as some of the towns and encampments the characters encountered.

Still, Sky's Bridal Train made for a fun, adventurous little read!

You may want to know: There are mentions and instances of murder and violence, as well as kissing. It was also implied as to a few male characters' indecent intentions towards some of the women.

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