Saturday, March 18, 2017

ENJOY THE POODLE SKIRT by Kate Willis | A Delightful Little Short Story


Kate Willis's middle-grade short story, Enjoy the Poodle Skirt, is the tale of Canary and her siblings, who have gone to spend the week working at their newlywed aunt's vintage diner. But when an oddly titled map finds its way into Canary's hands, she is determined to find its owner... and solve the mystery that is at large.

My, what a fun, fast-paced, delightful little tale this was! It brought me back to summers in which my bestie and I would go to my grandfather's house and ride quads, practice archery, go jar "fishing," and, of course, eat ice cream! (Now I want to write a short story of my own... and wear a poodle skirt!) Four stars!

You may want to know: This book was completely clean, and seemed void of anything questionable. :)

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❤, the Book Dragon

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

STORM SIREN by Mary Weber | A Bold New Fantasy


Mary Weber's Storm Siren tells the story of Nym, a young slave girl with extraordinary powers... and a curse that can't be controlled.

I really wanted to like this. After reading so many glowing reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, I ordered it from the library at once. And for the first few pages, it was wonderful... but then it got a little dry.

It was page forty or so when I finally decided to set Storm Siren down. One of the things I'd been counting on with this book was the setting, which is, for one, an extremely important aspect of a novel to me, and, secondly, what I believe defines high fantasy as high fantasy. But the world Storm Siren is set in felt too imaginary, and might've been more believable if there was a tad more description of the weather, the geography, the politics, etc.

The characters were another thing that bothered me. Nym was exciting and sassy for the first chapter or two, but as the story went on, it felt as if her personality had blown away like a dandelion in the wind. As Breck so delicately put it, Nym was, honestly, a little difficult in the area of comprehension. With so many fiery characters such as Nym, Breck, Adora, and Nym's former owners, I would like to have seen more personality diversity.

The writing in Storm Siren was really good, and I'm certain this book appeals to plenty. So, if your library has it, I recommend going ahead and giving Storm Siren a try. ☺

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FOR ELISE by Hayden Wand | A Delightfully Light-Hearted "Spook" Novella

(4.5 stars)

When the narrator of For Elise buys a supposedly haunted mansion, he is disappointed to find it, well, lacking... at least in the sense of inspiration for his novel. But the tides turn when an invisible, Frank-Sinatra-loving grammar Nazi finds a red editor's pen and takes to revising and commenting on his work.

I adore Hayden Wand's books, and For Elise was certainly no exception! With a rich, classic prose, Hayden delivers a fun and light-hearted novella on relationships of all sorts. The characters were positively delightful, each with their own little quirks. Though I was unsure where the plot was headed, at first, the characters soon took me by the hand and pulled me into a mysterious, boundless world of friendship, love, romance, and redemption. Go and read For Elise -- you won't regret it!

You may want to know: There is some reference to drinking (and, possibly, getting drunk).

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❤, the Book Dragon

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