Wednesday, December 21, 2016

BAMBI by Felix Salten | The Tale of a Young Forest Prince


I'm quite the fan of Walt Disney's interpretation of Bambi, but was rather hesitant to hear the original tale, due to the many mentionings of its harshness towards the practice of hunting. Yet I was surprised to find that it was not a disappointment!

Felix Salten's Bambi is the tale of a young stag and the future prince of the forest. Hidden deep in the woods with his mother, he watches as his animal friends grow and explore. All the while, an unknown danger stalks their forest...

I personally do not believe that killing wild animals for survival is wrong. However, I do agree with the book's point that killing off does and fawns disrupts the deer population more than the killing of stags.

As to the book rather than the theme, itself: Though I listened to the audiobook instead of reading the actual story, the writing still came across as direct and only slightly descriptive, but still elegant with that old-fashioned flair.

The plot didn't seem to be entirely there; however, Bambi and his family were interesting enough to let the story flow along on their own.

In the end, Bambi made for a charming (if sad) little story. I wouldn't recommend it to children or tweens, -- mainly because of how it portrays mankind as evil -- but it is a somewhat peaceful tale.

You may want to know: Several characters are killed.

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