Monday, June 19, 2017

Breaking News: The Book Dragon's Reviews Have Drastically Decreased in Size!

Hello, my friends!

As you may have noticed, it's been a few months since I last posted, and my posts' number is rather few and far-between.

I've still been rating books, and you're more than welcome to send me a friend request on Goodreads! My reviews have been much shorter, though -- typically just a few words in summary of my thoughts.

Towards the end of last school year, I started to realize just how much time it takes for me to write a normal/decently sized review -- at least an hour, sometimes more. Between blogging elsewhere, writing, acting, and still being in school (and attempting to maintain a life... somewhat), writing full reviews is no longer at the top of my priority list.

But please note that I still write small reviews. I don't always take the time to include content, but if a book I read is bad or strictly contains inappropriate content, Lord willing, I will mention that.

And that was the sole purpose of this blog -- to provide Christian readers with more reading material. But, the more involved I've become with the author community, the easier I've found it to find clean reading material (just take a look at my oversized TBR pile).

Granted, I plan to still post here with full reviews from time to time. Lord willing, there will be another review here by the end of this week. But I fear that my posting here will be rather lacking -- at least for a while.

Again, if you'd still like to follow my reviews, just shoot me a request on Goodreads! I love connecting with friends and fellow readers. ❤

Thank you for being you! ❣ God willing, I'll see you all soon!

❤, the Book Dragon

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