Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DRAGONWITCH by Anne Elisabeth Stengl | The Fifth Volume of TALES OF GOLDSTONE WOOD


After trying to finish Dragonwitch for the past two years, I've finally given up. I adore Anne Elisabeth's writing, but this story just isn't for me.

If you have never read any Anne Elisabeth Stengl's books before, please do not assume her other stories are all "one star" worthy. She is probably my favourite author ever!! Her writing is utterly amazing; her worldbuilding is awe-inspiring; her characters are fantastic.

I adore Anne Elisabeth's Tales of Goldstone Wood series, and since the books are not all directly associated with one another, I can't wait to move on to Shadow Hand!

A quick synopsis for Dragonwitch, before I go: Within the walls of Gaheris Castle, an heir dreads his wedding day; a young lady learns to read and write, against everyone's wishes; a reclusive chronicler hides away, harboring a deadly secret...

But honestly. If you haven't read any of Anne Elisabeth's books, go do so. Now. One of my personal favourites is Heartless, the first novel in Tales of Goldstone Wood. You can find Heartless on Amazon and Goodreads.

Click here to read my Goodreads review (of Dragonwitch).

❤, the Book Dragon

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